Go is now my language of choice. Previously I used Ruby and Perl.

I also do a bit of JavaScript, and in the distant past I’ve used Haskell and Scala, among other languages.

My open source code is on CPAN and GitHub.


Merlion is a poker server, HTML5 client and AI player using:

You can check out the various components on GitHub:


This was a project that aims to index all the craft beer that’s available in Singapore.

Written in Ruby, hosted on Digital Ocean.

QRCode generator

Demo here: https://niceqr.art

This was an experiment in generating fancy QRCodes that are still readable. I saw an article on adding an inner shadow effect using Photoshop, but couldn’t find any online generators doing it. It took a lot of trial and error with ImageMagick, but eventually it turned into this app.

Written in Perl.


Source code: https://github.com/mcartmell/gin-rummy-bot

Demo (1 player only): https://gin.mikec.dev

This is a web-based Gin Rummy game with a simple AI. Written in Perl, but getting quite old now. It’s pre-Dancer.