Below are some horror stories I’ve written (most of them, actually.) I prefer to read stories that emphasise mood and atmosphere over a complex plot, so my writing is the same. You’re unlikely to get scared. Just a little unnerved.

Prodigy: A story about vampires, and the price of success

Limelight: My friend Allan had a very disturbing dream about an art show, and kindly donated his recollection for me to reproduce. I hope I did it justice.

Pulled Under: This is a story about rain, and about keeping in touch.

The Moth Collector: A story about moths.

Home: A story about fond memories, their fragility, and the inevitable realisation that things change and move on.

Red Lights

The Dreamer: My entry to Black Static’s ‘Campaign for Real Fear’ competition.

Madeleine: The first story I wrote while taking a creative writing course, and it was published in Writer’s Muse, a small magazine.